Visiting Townsville


With more than 320 days of sunshine each year, fishing is considered the local pastime. But along with fishing on your visit to Townsville, there is plenty more for you to do!

With a population approaching 200,000 people, Townsville is well and truly the largest city in North Queensland. It is a popular laid back holiday spot for both domestic and international visitors.

As well as providing the port link between regional North Queensland’s mining and agricultural industries and the rest of the world, Townsville is also home to one of Australia’s largest military bases.

…Townsville is located approximately halfway between the tip of Cape York and Brisbane in Queensland’s south-east and is a popular stopping point for both domestic and international travellers between the two.

The mountains of the Hervey Ranges and Mt. Stuart create its western boundaries from where the Ross River (eventually also the smaller Ross Creek) flows to its mouth in Cleveland Bay. The city centre is characterised by the distinctive Castle Hill overlooking the bay and Magnetic Island which lies just 8km from the coast.

Townsville cityscape is a mix of modern architecture and restored heritage buildings housing cafes, restaurants, boutiques and quirky art galleries.

Townsville is also perfectly positioned for those who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. The Townsville Strand is a 2.2km-long waterfront parkway whose features include a jetty, restaurants, cafes and pools and a free water adventure playground for the kids.

It is a popular spot for runners, walkers and kids with bikes and scooters. You can also swim in the ocean or the rock pool.

Castle Hill and its walking/hiking tracks are popular for walkers of any fitness level with popular tracks including the circular road (3.3km one way) to the more intensive Cudtheringa or Goat Track. The bonus of making it all the way to the top are the 360-degree views of Townsville!

What to do when you’re visiting TOWNSVILLE

1. Fish with us at Fish City Charters.
With more than 320 days of sunshine each year, fishing is considered the local pastime. And we have some great options for you.
2. Visit Magnetic Island.
Via a Sealink ferry, its only 20 minutes from Townsville. Secluded beaches, hiking trails and a wildlife haven!
3. Visit Paluma the “village in the mist”. Just 45 minutes drive north of Townsville. The dense rainforest surrounding Paluma is alive with a fascinating diversity of birdlife and a popular stop off for bird watchers.
4. For Divers, one of the world’s Top 10 dive sites lies just off the coast of Townsville. The SS Yongala is a bucket-list shipwreck.
5.Visit Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium, the world’s largest living coral reef aquarium and the Australian Government’s national education centre for the Great Barrier Reef.
6. Cuddle a koala or feed a croc at Billabong Sanctuary.


Townsville’s native Australian animal wildlife park.