Bucket List Fish for Melbourne Angler

Fishing conditions proved only moderately favourable early this week but friendly enough to allow Melbourne doctor Helen Whitford to tick GT or giant trevally from her fishing bucket list on just her second Townsville fishing charter. Fishing protected Magnetic Island waters was just the trick while boat ramps remained largely empty.

First fish of the day was a modest size but hard pulling giant trevally of about 10 kilograms, yet fine skills learned on a variety of southern species allowed Helen to claim her first GT and largest ever of any species.

Traveling down the Queensland coast with hubby Lee, the pair were keen to keep just one fish for dinner choosing to release the rest, and Lee was happy to slip a fine bar cheek or island trout of better than 60cm into the Fish City Charters ice-box.

School mackerel, cod and several lesser trevally species bent rods for the pair before Helen showed her first GT was no fluke, the good doctor landing a slightly larger specimen on the last cast of the day!

Well fished Helen and Lee.

Hope to see you back fishing in Townsville again sometime soon!

Helen’s second giant trevally or GT caught just a good cast from Townsville harbour!

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